Benches on Monday,

I’ve been collecting benches for about 10 years. And last week our temps were close to 70 degrees. A big difference from today’s weather (24 degrees)

Anyway, on my walks last week I found a few new benches on the. Erie Canal, in my Village . And yesterday I went back to the conservatory

I just got such an urge to smell a few flowers😊, every one here has the spring itch.

But it will b at least 2 more months b4 we see flowers outside.

Have a wonderful Monday

One Fine Day


This past Mothers day  ,we took a hike at One Of NY States #1 parks. Lovingly called The Grand Canyon Of the East.  Letchworth State Park. Only 1/2 an hour from our house

A Niagara Falls and Grand Canyon  affair all rolled into one
34659660745_fed2a566abHBM_o-Edit - Copy
we were so lucky to come as early as we did,

DSC_9552_pe - Copy


Glen iris Inn
this fine restaurant is home to many weddings and even just a lovely meal. we didn’t have a reservation , so there was not a chance in hell of eating there.


DSC_9557_pe - Copy
I knew we’d never get into the restaurant, so we found a nice spot to have a little lunch.
DSC_9550_pe - Copy


even if the park was packed, there are so many spots to choose from.

after a bite to eat, it was time to finish our hike
and… of course no hike is complete ..with out walking a million or so stairs
yep.. that’s the man, making sure I don’t tumble..or get lost:)

and no trip anywhere is complete. Until you use the facilities 🙂
this is one of the best parks around and to have it so close to home, I’m not sure why we don’t go more often. but they also have camping here and ill save that for another time, we did walk around and look at all the types of cabins they had , I don’t camp!!!!!

if you stopped by , thanks so much, and if your ever find yourself around this are, make sure you take at least a ride through.  this state park has so much to offer with its changing landscapes, and constant beauty.





Spring Has Sprung


well I know its been awhile since I posted, I guess one could say I’m a once a month(er) around here. I try honestly I do, but I’m still having issues with the new pc. and windows I get frustrated and leave . windows and WP don’t like each other ..I guess.

any way, I do keep tabs on a few folks here on my ipad.

and..April was a busy month for us.. let me show you



my beautiful and only Granddaughter  had her first birthday. she just tickles my heart:)!
 and a few weeks later was m Husbands birthday, since we R empty nesters I spoil Him.. we celebrated for a week
1st thing we did, was go to a play of sorts..called  Summer Of Love.  it was set to Ballet and all 60’s music , with the period clothing.  we actually loved it.

moving on..



34120944925_1e9b004645_o (1)_pe
since I have 2 cats and no sitter for them.. we take a lot of short trips.. so off to the mountains we went. so very very peaceful, not many peeps travel to this region in April:) still snow in a lot of areas. and lets not for get the mud!!!
hers a just a few shots from the Adirondack Mnts.


and back home its almost lilac season, and that means festival time. and if you know me.. you know I avoid crowds, so this is my go to spot.. till the festival begins:)


perfect time to see families enjoying  the park


Poets Garden, I love to come here, and just breath!








well that about does it. it was a busy month. and of course my issue with windows, is never going away. I think ill have to blog from my ipad. for the summer:)

have an enjoyable rest of the week, if you stopped by,and if you did thank you :)!!!!


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