Hipsta over a cuppa

Well its been a crazy week, lots of rain, and still rather cold here. a perfect time for me to sort and edit photos, I feel as if ive been on along journey 🙂 of sorts. memories with photos are the best!!!especially when the sun has gone, and the rain doesn’t go away.

So this past week our assignment for Hipsta365 was to use certain lenses..ones that don’t get used all that often… yes there are a handful I could certainly do with out..but here we go….hipstamaticphoto-578258445.036774-1

Time for a cuppa…. #Lenses~#Mabel and film~ Hackney


#lenses #Savannah #Film #Sequoia    a photo from last year…remastered:)


#Lenses #yuri61 and #film #US1776…  well the R is supposed to ber a russian R which is backwards..  just so you know 🙂    this was for 365 and also #windowWednesday.


how could i resist tasking this shot.. this poor woman seemed to be hold these cones for such a long time, it was like she was trying to decide if she should lick them both or not:)  #Lenses  #Doris and #film #Blanko


there is NO SMOKING aloud at our Farmers market, it does’t matter if your outside or not. and this woman thought She’d sneak a fast smoke … little did she realize I saw her:)    #lenses #LeAllan and #film #Blackeyes44.hipstamaticphoto-578105881.203791

well Hubbys birthday was last week-end, so in Tradition we went out for a nice meal.. and i saw these antique banks sitting on the bar…. i don’t know how many people remember them, very heavy metal (maybe lead). anyway, quickly.. u would lay a coin in the hand and there was a gizmo in the back to pop it up the jesters mouth.and hed swallow it:) i remember cuz my gramma gave me one.. wish i still had it.anyway.. #lenses    #chucnky and #film  #DreamCanvas.  btw… dinner was deeelish “)


as i mentioned earlier… nothing but rain….. well this was a wet weekend, last. Lenses…#Andre’ #Film #Cheshire. and #Apollo.

there’s always time for a cuppa.

well that will do it  for now 🙂 if you stopped by, thank you , and i hope you enjoyed looking at my shots for the week. i had fun.  have a great week end.

Hipsta…. Part 4

Well this past week, was a bit of a struggle for me, as our assignment was TREES, don’t get me wrong i love trees. but right now, they are all bare. anyhow…. besides looking for trees new and old. we could only use 3 lenses, and  film or flash we wanted., so i dug and i dug deep. and this is what i got.   of course by last nite i was really into the swing of things… i say of course becuz, tonight we get out new assignment.hipstamaticphoto-576962523.550015

well my usual walk along the Erie canal. i used  #Tree

#Stavros for the lens and my choice for film was   #La Seine and the birds came from another app called distressed FX.


the old man in the #tree 🙂  again  Lens #Stavros ~Film  #Shilshole.


one early morning sunrise…#trees Lens #Gregory ~ Film #Float


on a recent walk in the woods. #trees   lens #Sergio ~ Film #Blackeyes 1942 and apollo flash


my favorite, from our trip out west, this is in Breckenridge ,Co. . #Trees  Lens #Gregory ~ Film #Reeta 10 and Flash #Jolly Rainbow 2X


my other favorite…. early spring snow and…. a woodpecker,i believe ?   i don’t get to many good shots of birds.. i was so happy when i saw how great this turned out.

#Tree     lens #Stavros ~ Film #Indo and Flash #Apollo 66

47571398312_817469cc04_o (1)

last years floods along the lake and river… #Trees  … Lens #Gregory ~ Film #Indo 80 and Flash #Apollo.

the bay had over flowed so bad in  that area,   its  no longer used as seating at this restaurant . i guess the ground never recovered for that purpose.


till next week… if you stopped by, thanks in advance. and if your an iPhone user, i hope this may have helped you with the Hipstamatic  app .

hipsta week…1

I think im on a roll now.. everything is in order, and im all up to date, so my first full week of doing a 365 in hipsta, was great. each friday  it’s a new challenge. this week was shadows. and it worked out great, as we had sunshine almost everyday. the challenge starts every friday evening. 40491379313_811ff96347_o

so this was shot in my living room using #Hipsta . salvador 84|arjun BW|Juicy Orange Jel.



the next day was too cold for me to venture out, so .. looking in my backyard.. for shadows, was pretty easy.  I used Victoria|Blackkeys Supergrain


and on sunday , yep that’s right you see snow.  we went to the Big cemetary. I used Stavros+love 81+standard


well I thought id play a little…. i used Joey for the lens| and my Film was Whoa.


it was pretty kool playing around so.. i got this with using Lens Salvador 84| Arian BW| Juicy Orange Gel


went for a walk in the village the other day it was so nice, and b4 i knew it i had walked 5 mi. i got this with  Emma for the lens| and film was Big Easy


last but certainly not least…. Lowy for my lens| Blanko BL 4 for my film.

I had so much fun looking for shadows.


I cant wait to see what the challenge is tonight. i will b posting my Hipsta work on Fridays., for that whole week. if you stopped by, thanks in advance. Have a great week-end.

Artist Row

so today.. besides being football Sunday, its also Artist Row, at the public Market, yep, the same  place  i get my fruits and veggies on Thursdays and Saturdays. This event is held once in the Fall and again once in the Spring. its in its 11th year. i cant believe how much it has grown. i started out here, in the beginning stages, when i was making jewelry.  till i lost my shirt. but that a story for another day:)!!!

i always try my hardest to be early.. i think everyone else thought that too
lets see what looks good………….
ohh boy everyone is taking advantage of the nice day
more food trucks
this is John Archer, Hes an RN byt day and a sculptor by nite:) He had some awesome pieces. a real nice guy
one of John Archers pieces.. Hes in the process of making a complete set. this piece automatically caught my eye
where on earth is the coffee truck…………………….hmmmm
these were so cute.. but.. a tea towel.. ? i just dont know what id do with with it
so clever..
this woman was working for her Daughter in Law..who is the artist.. Lorraine of Lorraine’s concert leaves… i was so tempted.. the prices were very reasonable.
i fell in love with these, but .. i was told u have to take them in ,in the winter… i have enough to bring i all ready.. so i didnt get any 😦 wish i would have now
besides the fantastic art.. ..this event usually bring out the very artsy peeps too
still Lorrains stuff.. i really loved it…can ya tell
like i was saying.. artsy peeps
loved all the iron work too
ohh yeah.. shes was just gearing up for this day…… shes a buyer
how ’bout a hat…… im not a hat wearer myself
i usually dont like running into people i know…usually… theres a few exceptions.. and these 3 are always on my list,(of peeps i love running into) i dont see them very often any more. lives just going in different directions….

the best part about this event .. its all local artists. and there was much to see, and people to look at and of course the food trucks showed up, and there was some live music..all free, another thing thats not all to common.

fantastic art.. some thing for everyone
fantastic art.. some thing for everyone
this guy knows every body. i don’t know how he does it, you can find Him anywhere and everywhere playing.

well thanks for stopping by. hope you have an awesome week.

My 4th of July..Americana style

the town is named after Glenn Hammond Curtiss,the American motorcycle designer and manufacturer
the town is named after Glenn Hammond Curtiss,the American motorcycle designer and manufacturer
this little lakeside community sits on the shores of a finger lake called Keuka Lake
this little lakeside community sits on the shores of a finger lake called Keuka Lake
there's always time for antiquing
there’s always time for antiquing
some great finds... if you have the money
some great finds… if you have the money
some beautiful B&B's steps away from the beach.
some beautiful B&B’s steps away from the beach.
a very artsy community, something for everyone
a very artsy community, something for everyone
yep.. Hes for sale too
had to have some iced “Italian”coffee
and its always a safe bet we will see  a few horse and buggies  as we travel through the  Amish Community
and its always a safe bet we will see a few horse and buggies as we travel through the Amish Community
well that does it for today’s journey.  it was a long holiday week end for us. more tales to follow. thanks for stopping by. have a great day.

these were all shot with MY Iphone

OutSide Art For the SOUL

Summer doesn’t last very long here in Western New York, and even then we all hold our breath in Hope that we do have a nice warm summer. So we try hard to do as many things outside as possible so on this day, after the Public market, while it was still rather early and No One to Bother ME!!! I stopped at our lovely Art Museum. It has One of the Largest City parks I’d like to show you.

a bit of History

Centennial Sculpture Park has recast ten acres of the Gallery’s grounds into a showcase of public art and urban space. In the Sculpture Park, you’ll find a new kind of ‘town square’ – a spectacular gathering spot located in the heart of the Neighborhood of the Arts and a destination for Rochesterians and visitors alike.

Four major artists were commissioned to create site specific work for Centennial Sculpture Park. Wendell Castle’s Unicorn Family provides an outdoor grouping of chairs, a table, and a lamp for visitors who like to sit and enjoy the passing scene. Jackie Ferrara created Marking Crossways, geometric pathways and cameos leading from the ‘quarry’ area to the front entrance of MAG. Tom Otterness, known internationally for his engaging installations created Creation Myth, two heroic figures at the corner of Goodman and University Street as well as 17 diminutive bronze muses scattered throughout the Park. Albert Paley installed Soliloquy, a colorful 25-foot stainless steel sculpture at the Goodman Street entrance.

Memorial Art Gallery
Memorial Art Gallery
a new kind of seating...
a new kind of seating…
from a distance
from a distance


follow the brick road
follow the brick road


private eyes are watching  you
private eyes are watching you
Memorial Art Gallery
Memorial Art Gallery
a few flowers



that does it for  today’s tour around  the Art Gallery in Rochester NY, thanks for stopping by

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