Artist Row

so today.. besides being football Sunday, its also Artist Row, at the public Market, yep, the same  place  i get my fruits and veggies on Thursdays and Saturdays. This event is held once in the Fall and again once in the Spring. its in its 11th year. i cant believe how much it has grown. i started out here, in the beginning stages, when i was making jewelry.  till i lost my shirt. but that a story for another day:)!!!

i always try my hardest to be early.. i think everyone else thought that too
lets see what looks good………….
ohh boy everyone is taking advantage of the nice day
more food trucks
this is John Archer, Hes an RN byt day and a sculptor by nite:) He had some awesome pieces. a real nice guy
one of John Archers pieces.. Hes in the process of making a complete set. this piece automatically caught my eye
where on earth is the coffee truck…………………….hmmmm
these were so cute.. but.. a tea towel.. ? i just dont know what id do with with it
so clever..
this woman was working for her Daughter in Law..who is the artist.. Lorraine of Lorraine’s concert leaves… i was so tempted.. the prices were very reasonable.
i fell in love with these, but .. i was told u have to take them in ,in the winter… i have enough to bring i all ready.. so i didnt get any 😦 wish i would have now
besides the fantastic art.. ..this event usually bring out the very artsy peeps too
still Lorrains stuff.. i really loved it…can ya tell
like i was saying.. artsy peeps
loved all the iron work too
ohh yeah.. shes was just gearing up for this day…… shes a buyer
how ’bout a hat…… im not a hat wearer myself
i usually dont like running into people i know…usually… theres a few exceptions.. and these 3 are always on my list,(of peeps i love running into) i dont see them very often any more. lives just going in different directions….

the best part about this event .. its all local artists. and there was much to see, and people to look at and of course the food trucks showed up, and there was some live music..all free, another thing thats not all to common.

fantastic art.. some thing for everyone
fantastic art.. some thing for everyone
this guy knows every body. i don’t know how he does it, you can find Him anywhere and everywhere playing.

well thanks for stopping by. hope you have an awesome week.

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