Benches on Monday,

I’ve been collecting benches for about 10 years. And last week our temps were close to 70 degrees. A big difference from today’s weather (24 degrees)

Anyway, on my walks last week I found a few new benches on the. Erie Canal, in my Village . And yesterday I went back to the conservatory

I just got such an urge to smell a few flowers😊, every one here has the spring itch.

But it will b at least 2 more months b4 we see flowers outside.

Have a wonderful Monday

Happy Bench Monday

Omg trying to prepare for every day of 365 is still is bit of work for me 🙂 how ever… I am always prepared for my Bench day

Beach living… these people who live along the Great Lakes must have the thickest blood around , people are already pulling out their deck furniture and temps are 10 to 15 degrees below the norm. We have had plenty of sun but the temps remain in the 30’s.

Too cold for me to be sitting in the sand.. how ’bout you :)?! Happy Bench Monday

A Distant Memory

Anyone who knows me… knows I really despise the cold and snow, and I hibernate for a few months. The last stretch of our winter just seems to drag, as we continue to get more snow and bitter cold temps…. in the the teens.

I’m grateful for my archives during these months, so here’s a redo, of… what else a bench…. for Bench Monday’s a distant memory., in painterly mode

Happy New Year #2 of my Bench Series

well its been a few weeks since ive been here. alot has happened,some good some bad, im sure you all have a similar story:)Happy New Year, lets hope and pray this is a better year

its been a while since i shared my BENCHES so ..i thought, this would be a good time since the weather doesn’t know what it wants to do.and in a few short weeks ill be in sunny Florida, with lots of things to do and shoot:)

in my family if you dont cook an Italian better find a restaurant that does
every one goes ice skating downtown..i went early one day to avoid the crowd. poor kid, he was just learning..
hard to remember..but this series in#2 of my bench collection,( and yes there were benches in the other shots:) this is in front of the School of the Arts….. better known around here as SOTA
at the local dog park,i didnt like the way it looked so i had to art it up 🙂
at the George Eastman House.. in one of the many gardens. not some thing i usually do in the winter, in the summer u can see all the grapes hanging.
sure you can sit if you want to…..
ill wait till bout you ?:) this is right by the lake, a few photos down you’ll see all of this from the top
looks like the photo was cut huh?:) nope!!!  not to worry that snow has long gone
yes.. it was cold
it was a beautiful day.. it really was… and most of that has melted away as well… for now, im sure it will all be back !! and i hope to be basking in Florida’s sunshine when it happens:)
probably my favorite spot, any season, for photos . and yes the pic above is now down below:) on all the white stuff. the other side of that lake is Ontario, Canada. we dont have a ferry any more, so its about a 3 hour drive to the closest  border.
well we r back in the city and as u can see .no snow, and this particulate day.. we were blessed with some sun.

so that will do it for now….. I hope you all had good holidays, I’ve tried to catch up with a few of you. my next post will most likely be from sunny Florida…  take care

and if you stopped by thank you

Benches…benches….and more benches

Well about a week ago i posted a collection of Fences, today..i thought id share some Benches:),Yes another collection, and i might add a growing group in Flickr, as well as Face book. so let me get started by saying ive been collection these probably as long as fences, now most people who are not into photography will think this is strange, but just like my Fences.. ya just never know what your going to see…… through the eyes of a photographer… so  here we go…

some time ago, the city did a bench theme, there were the koolest benches placed in different areas, i really loved this one

this one is in my hometown

i think someones shoulders must have been hurting, saw this laying on a bench.

this is in Buffalo ,Ny  at a place called Larkinville.  awesome summertime concerts, and fab food

always looking for those quirky benches..i am:)

at the George Eastman House, which is located in Rochester,NY

saw this in a filed of lavender

we were taking a hike,  its so nice that benches are scattered about

in the Adirondacks (NY)  at one of the local “resorts”

sitting on the Erie Canal, love seeing moms esp. taking photos of their babies

this was last summer, can you tell I’m itchy for summer

saw this lady on one of the coldest days we had, shes got a huge camera lens, the body of water shes looking over is lake Ontario, on the other side is Canada…i wonder is she was trying to see if they started to build a wall yet……
well that should do it.. for now:)  think of me the next time your out side and go to sit on something:)

If you stopped by thank you in advance. and i dont mean to get political.. its getting just down right scary  in the USA though!!!!  have a wonderful rest of the week.

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