The Boss and the E street Band

so the other day i got a phone call , and the person asked if we (hubby and Me) wanted to go to a concert, she had extra tickets… i hemmed and hawed as i always do.. because i really dont like to be in crowds. well we agreed to go , and then found out this person wanted 300 bucks from us. well ok.. i was a bit disturbed at the beginning… but i got over it. even more so after the show.

of course we  grew up with Bruce. i remember when the E street band played at all the local colleges.. for 5 bucks , and usually all the tap beer you could drink.

things change 🙂 but He is still the MAN to see, what a concert!! he seems to truly love the audience. so this is what i got. if i would have known they weren’t going to check purses i certainly would have brought my camera.

this 66 year old rocker still has what it takes


and Mark Clemons (Clarences’ Nephew) wow, he was darn good
yep.. you guessed it.. he body surfed through the audience .


after 3 hours of playing he walked into the audience and grabbed signs, they were all songs people wanted to hear. sure enough they played them


getting help back onto the stage after the body wave.
so the body next to Bruce… she was holding a sign that it was her65th birthday, Bruce pulled Her up on stage and , still not sure if she knew how to play or not, but they strapped a guitar on her and she did what she did:0 it was pretty awesome
this was towards the end, they all got really close to the mass of people.

The E street Band Played to a sold out crowd, Rochester,NY has a small venue by big city standards.. the Blue cross arena holds 13,000 people.  In my years…I’ve sen my share of concerts, and i know everyone usually says the last concert they saw was the best..but this one… this one will stand out in my mind for years to come.

they played from 8:20 till 11:20.  most oft he songs were from the River Album  but there was not one song they didnt play, ever a few covers.

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