the Erie Canal at my back door..Part1

just a little History, before I begin my photo journey .  although I am use to living just steps away from a great lake, I cant complain at all , having the canal so close, its wonderful, we meet so many people in the summer months, who love to talk about their travels along the canal, where they been with the  with the boats (of all sizes). We live just minuets  from 2 towns on the Canal, we spend a great deal of  time between the 2.

The Erie Canal is a canal in New York that originally ran about 363 miles (584 km) from Albany, New York, on the Hudson River to Buffalo, New York, at Lake Erie. Built to create a navigable water route from New York City and the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes, the canal helped New York eclipse Philadelphia as the largest city and port[1][2] on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. The canal is now part of the New York State Canal System.

First proposed in 1807, its construction began in 1817. The canal contains 36 locks and a total elevation differential of about 565 feet (172 m). It opened on October 26, 1825.[2]

on the Erie Canal
on the Erie Canal, in Fairport,New York, on a friday Nite
a summer time vacation
a summer time vacation


family activities
family activities


well thats about it for now, next time we”ll take a walk to see what the canal was used for back in the day, and what they have changed into for modern times. thanks for stopping by. have a pleasant week


Memorial Weekend….Part1

eating some of the worlds best BBQ and Jammin to some fine music
College Town… University campus
Blue Angels performing
on the mighty Genesee River rowing


chowing down  on BBQ
chowing down on BBQ
they come any way they can, just to taste some BBQ
then we went to College town, for a bite and a pint … and i love to watch other people.. with my iphone
and Pizza it was a little healthy.. there was spinach in it..and no pepperoni:)
the festival is a yearly event on this week end.. the park backs right up to the Genesee River.. there were campers as far as the eye could see
all the boaters are here
and of course my Saturday outing is never complete, till i stop in my village and se whats going on. the boaters are here from all over, and they love to talk, and tell us where they came from, and all about their sea worthy vessels

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