Friday = Fence Friday

as long as i can remember I’ve been shooting at fences ,i also belong to a few photography groups on Flickr.. solely for the purpose of showing fences. as a rule its always on Friday. so i thought id step away from my Florida pics for a bit and share some of my fences, yeah i know sounds kind of weird, but we fence people take it to the next have a look see.

and if you stopped by  thank you, and have an awesome week end


Lake Ontario.. this is a Great Lake.
and this is by the lake .. it was extremely cold that day
over by a Bay outlet, on a sunny day
looks can be deceiving
early spring, by the lake
i found a short cut, to the start of spring, come on follow me……
ahhh spring, can this be far off from our future
the village always has a nice variety of flowers around the Erie Canal
yep still considered a fence of sorts.. and i liked all the green
roaming around the George Eastman Estate
 and then there’s always the peaceful walk through an Historic cemetery
 and i certainly couldn’t leave out Florida, my home away from home

well , hopefully you can see why i like fences..  my collection as far as i can tell goes back 7 years. these have either been taken with a Fuji,  many Nikons or my latest fujiX-X10. and besides the Florida shot, all were taken locally

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