Manatee State Park

  I had such an awesome time on my journey through Florida. like i said earlier.. im starting some where in the middle of my trip. somewhere in this link is a web cam and any one can see how many Manatees come to this location  each day. the day we went there were over 200. and im told that was a low number.  but for me it was over whelming, in all my years of going to Fl. ive never been able to see these creatures..EVER!

at first i thought it was a joke, and this was all i was going to see…..
Swimmers in the spring.
we weren’t fortunate enough to be able to swim with them .
the water is so crystal clear, and with the reflection from the was hard to get decent photos… but heres a young one coming up for air.
all those shadows…..yep the mother load of Manatees
there were some workers trying to get them to swim more so we could see them better, and they take very good care of these obsolete creatures.



its such a beautiful park, so well maintained, and it only costs $3.00 a car to get in.
it was here LittleOh lost some body parts and her camera. she thought this was a Gecko’ trying to get her.
plenty of places to sit , wash your feet.. if you need to 🙂  but you know i love my benches:)
gift shops and cafeterias along with  vending machines
rest rooms were impeccably clean
the whole area was just breathtaking
plenty to look at here.. but take a closer look.. theres’ mamma manatee and her baby. i was so thrilled. only wish i could have gotten a better shot of them. the sun was so bright.

so it ws tiem to g=o visit my friends’ Daughter and G’kids.  and after  that..

what else….. food and drink.. when Im in Fl. i like to eat as much fish as i can. so i had grouper fingers. and… fish dip.     my friend doesn’t  like seafood at all, she had …a pork chop.
so yeah we drank and ate some where in Lake Mary. at a place called Duffy’s
all i can say is.. watered down  vodka!!!

so we moved on the the next bar, after all we didnt have to drive our hotel was just a few feet from this concourse

another Irish bar, and this was when i knew i had been drinking watered down vodka…at the other place.   but any way, this was the outfit the females wore. they were cute.. 


heres litttleOh all put back together again. ,

well that will do it for today, if you stopped.. and i hope you did:)  i hope you liked what you saw.. and please have a great rest of the week…oh yeah and week end..since today is Thursday:)

home again home again..jiggity jig

well it was a fast 2 weeks,but im glad to be home, tons of memories good eats probably too much to drink:0 but hey i was on vacation.

Anyway.. im starting my trip in a unuasul manner…somewhere in the middle

went on a speed boat to see dolphins.. ill share that another day
this is more my speed:) maybe next time…


no explaination needed:)


and after that hairraising expierence  i needed a cocktail and some food… at a place called Frenchys… this was my view.. could have sat there all day.
another view:)


sometimes i think i only come to Florida to see the pelicans:)
they just amaze me
then the heron flew in, like he knew it was a photo opp:)


well time to move onto another Bar 🙂 in another section of the gulf of Florida…

this is Tarpon Turtle, the only bad day we had, still made the best of it, and .. they had the best Gator tail I ever had.

If you stopped by, thank you in advance, and have an awesome week end.



the stark reality

Well Vacation is over, so here i sit..editing and reliving. the warmth of one of my favorite places…Key West,Florida. And…. even though  it is winter.. ill take 60’ish weather any day over ZERO or worse yet..the negative numbers. ive been gone almost 2 weeks, vacation was cut a few days short due to a few problems at home,  but thats life, at least i got away.

and heres a few facts about Key West

The original Key West settlement on the western part of the island is called “Old Town” and comprises the Key West Historic District. It includes the major tourist destinations of the island, including Mallory Square, Duval Street, the Truman Annex and Fort Zachary Taylor. It is where are found the classic bungalows and guest mansions.

Generally, the structures date from 1886 to 1912. The basic features that distinguish the local architecture include wood-frame construction of one- to two-and-a-half-story structures set on foundation piers about three feet (one meter) above the ground. Exterior characteristics of the buildings are peaked “metal” roofs, horizontal wood siding, gingerbread trim, pastel shades of paint, side-hinged louvered shutters, covered porches (or balconies, galleries, or verandas) along the fronts of the structures, and wood lattice screens covering the area elevated by the piers.

Old Town is comparable to the “New Town” section of the island, which was created when the island of Key West was more than doubled in size via landfill. New Town, on the eastern part of the island, contains shopping centers, retail malls, residential areas, schools, ball parks, and Key West International Airport.

so.. with our further adieu   im starting back wards:)

for a fee this guy will take you anywhere and everywhere u want to go on the island.  the island is to small for many cars. so when you arrive you park your car, and walk or rent, or ride the trolley, which is what i always do , its the cheapest, and you learn a little history.
the brown pelican, one reason i love going to Florida, we dont have these in Western New York.
another thing i love .. Key West natives seem to love animals. Cats, and Chickens, and roosters roam free. and dogs are allowed in most restaurants  (on a chain).
although its pretty cliche to take a picture at the southern most point of the USA… ya just cant help it. Cuba is 90 miles from that point.

in the back ground there’s a shrimp trawler waiting for the winds to die down.

no tourist would go in this place, thats right i learned early on where the “natives” go.

believe it or not, I’ve been going to this place for after hours food for over 20 years. …and lived to tell about it :).

this is the whole place…Bo’s
there is a huge population of transients , due to the warmer temps. ,they usally dont bother anyone, but you cant help but notice them.


i had an awesome time, ill be back with more beach time. and if you took time to look , i thank You, and have a wonderful day

The start of my Florida Vacation

imageI had a welcoming committee when I arrived at my friends condo. They  vacation here often and were told there are 2 gators living in their little lake. They have never seen either one… I show up and wallaa there he is .

Pits been rather cold here, I don’t know much about northern Florida , ,have always vacationed in the southern parts. I think next year, I might wait till Feb. to come down here;) anyway, I’m making the most of it, going some where different every day.  I’ll catch up with everyone when I get home,  stay warm and take care.


The People we met along the way

I’m taking a break from land and water scape today,  and introducing a few characters we met along the way.

at the tiki br , she was sipping wine and reading a book, and smoking. no food for Her
at the tiki bar , she was sipping wine and reading a book, and smoking. no food for Her
she says shes gonna be famous one day, and asked me to take her picture. everyone at the Tiki bar knew Her
she says shes gonna be famous one day, and asked me to take her picture. everyone at the Tiki bar knew Her
moving along, at the beach the next day.... how nice not to know the word.... modesty
moving along, at the beach the next day…. how nice not to know the word…. modesty
lol, we just figured out thi9s is my husband, walking along, trying to be a
lol, we just figured out this  is my husband, walking along, trying to be a photog…like me…lol
ill leave with with this precious little girl, who desperately was trying to catch minnows. ... when she wasnt asking me questions:) thanks for stopping by. hope you enjoyed a few of these, as much as we did.
ill leave with with this precious little girl, who desperately was trying to catch minnows. … when she wasn’t asking me questions:)
thanks for stopping by. hope you enjoyed a few of these, as much as we did.
kids skimming underneath a bridge , there were signs of riptides..oh to be young and foolish
I tried to get a shot of the woman who puts food out for these birds, but she saw me , and hid inside…. but look at the sight of all these birds… just waiting for her..
a view from our hotel room
sitting on our balcony just b4 sunset, see that bump in the middle of the canal.. that IS an Alligator , we named him Chuck, He’d wander in a few times a day, look around, and wander back out. . where those blue chairs are.. that’s the location of the pool. we never did see Him come out of the water. whew!!!!
this is part of the sponge docks.
another section of the sponge dock area
an olde world feel all around the sponge dock area. it was very nice, not overly commercial

Happy Friday every one. So Ive been home now for a few days, i thought id share some of my waterlogged photos  here. I’m going to start from the last part of our trip, which was so awesome.  we stayed in  a Greek town. called Palm Harbor. and spent a great deal of time on the sponge docks, supposedly the sponge capital of the world.  everything was run by the Greeks the food was deeelish, and we had seafood just a bout every chance we had. 19736300040_21879fe0d9_o_pe DSC_7174_pe_pe DSC_7245_pe

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