A holiday with little Oh 

Some of you know my good friend Fraggy over at fragglerocking  well she has always called me Mrs. o , because I was a school bus driver, and there’s a a character over on the cartoon the simpsons… with a similar name,  well anyway she has a little friend named Frego , so I decided while I was on my holiday I’d get a little buddy too.. so we named her Little Oh.

So now you know where that comes from..on with my holiday 

2 glorious weeks in Florida

 poor Little Oh I explained to her that the gators just swim in the man made lake, but she was worried it would climb the fence and get us. So she kept watch while I swam in the pool. And one time she thought a gecko was after her.. it turns out to be leaves. She’s such a worry wart;).  Since   These are the winter months in the states,I took full advantage of the fantastic wether this Jan. We had temps of 80 just about every day, and sunny  of course. I’m actually going home with a tan. Today will be the first bad day of weather so we’ll go to the show .   And my holiday is almost over… perfect planning, because I’m getting really home sick for my own home, and my Husband who I’ve never been away from this long..and of course my 2 felines:)  
If you stopped by Little Oh and I thank you

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