Hibernation and New Beginnings

While some of you know I despise winter, I always have! Even as a child. being cold and wet.. Not my cuppa!!!!  now I know and I have heard it most of my life..well if you don’t like it move.. if only life were that simple. one day I will move, and enjoy every day out side, but until then..  it is what it is 🙂   March has been especially bad at least for Western New York. in the middle of the month we had a wind storm.. upwards of 85 mi. an hour winds.. that knocked out power. some were without a power source for longer than a week. we were fortunate.. only 2 days. we spent our days in the local grocery store ,powering up, and we are lucky to have such a fine store,(WEGMANS) that accomodated everyone who came in to get warm or have a cuppa.,came home and slept with the 2 felines.  the temp in the house got down to 42. and then the following week we had a bad snow storm, again everything was shut down..no work ,no school!!!!  so as you can imagine..im glad to say good riddens’ to March!!! and i owe a big Thank you to my good friend Fraggy, for waking me:))  we do a diptych at the end of the month and this  time it was about spring and new beginnings.


. yester day the sun was out, and you could almost feel spring.. so I went to the local conservatory, to feel spring even more. and this is what I saw

can’t go wrong with those little chickadees








if you have taken time to look at these flowers I thank you in advance. for the peeps I try to follow, I am currently trying to catch up to you all. and I thank you kindly for stopping by.

HAPPY SPRING.. to new beginnings

As i muddle through the rest of April


so here it is the middle of April, I’ve been in a muck of sorts.. not the best time of year for me.

so ive gone through the archives and dug out some of my favorite flowers,since it will be planting season….in another month. I’m  NO gardener by any stretch of the imagination,but i know what i like, and i love to see pretty gardens,i just dont have the patience  to do it myself.so lets begin the journey…..

come on follow me, there’s only a few hills




peek a boo



come on follow me
ok, we’ll take a break



4523564621use_189ecf1960_o_pe_tonemapped_pewell that concludes my tour, it will be Lilac season here soon enough, and that’s the start of everything summer. we have the largest variety of lilacs in the world,something to do with our temps?! I’m told..

so ill be spending most days in the park soon enough. if you stopped by i hope you enjoyed my virtual garden.  have a wonderful rest of the week.

OutSide Art For the SOUL

Summer doesn’t last very long here in Western New York, and even then we all hold our breath in Hope that we do have a nice warm summer. So we try hard to do as many things outside as possible so on this day, after the Public market, while it was still rather early and No One to Bother ME!!! I stopped at our lovely Art Museum. It has One of the Largest City parks I’d like to show you.

a bit of History

Centennial Sculpture Park has recast ten acres of the Gallery’s grounds into a showcase of public art and urban space. In the Sculpture Park, you’ll find a new kind of ‘town square’ – a spectacular gathering spot located in the heart of the Neighborhood of the Arts and a destination for Rochesterians and visitors alike.

Four major artists were commissioned to create site specific work for Centennial Sculpture Park. Wendell Castle’s Unicorn Family provides an outdoor grouping of chairs, a table, and a lamp for visitors who like to sit and enjoy the passing scene. Jackie Ferrara created Marking Crossways, geometric pathways and cameos leading from the ‘quarry’ area to the front entrance of MAG. Tom Otterness, known internationally for his engaging installations created Creation Myth, two heroic figures at the corner of Goodman and University Street as well as 17 diminutive bronze muses scattered throughout the Park. Albert Paley installed Soliloquy, a colorful 25-foot stainless steel sculpture at the Goodman Street entrance.

Memorial Art Gallery
Memorial Art Gallery
a new kind of seating...
a new kind of seating…
from a distance
from a distance


follow the brick road
follow the brick road


private eyes are watching  you
private eyes are watching you
Memorial Art Gallery
Memorial Art Gallery
a few flowers



that does it for  today’s tour around  the Art Gallery in Rochester NY, thanks for stopping by

Part 2, Daddys’ little Girl gets hitched

Just a few pics from the wedding, i actually didn’t have much time to take pictures, since my Husband and I were  running around like crazy, thank God i did hire photogs:)


lets get those I DOs' in order
lets get those I DOs’ in order
she said ...I DO
she said …I DO
He said......I DO!!!
He said……I DO!!!
then there was Sylvia, practicing her roll as flower girl, even after the ceremony
then there was Sylvia, practicing her role as flower girl, even after the ceremony
let the new chapter of Their lives begin
let the new chapter of Their lives begin
the new chapter starts
the new chapter starts


well that’s all for now… I’m still struggling myself , with the fact that she is married.

and i remembering all the things i forgot to do at the reception……ohh boy 😦

A time to remember…the English are coming..the English are coming

Exactly a year ago this week, we had some visitors from Merry ole’England…. One of my best Flickr Budds, wanted to jump the big pond and come for a visit. So Her and her Hubby  did just that.  I’ve known Fragglerocking.   From Flickr  for a very long time, we were so excited and nervous about the visit, I mean No One comes to Rochester New York for a vacation.. Especially from as far away as these guys were coming. So the wheels were in motion.. Where to take them in a short amount of time , we actually only had 5 days, as they were going to stop a few other places before boarding the jet again.

So… We decided to take them to  a few of the WONDERS of our corner of the world.   We enjoyed this visit and we sure hope Fraggy and her Hubby did too! There were so many things we wanted to show them… That we couldn’t , they’ll just have to come back;)

Meet-Up at my House
FRAGGY gets a Chance to meet -Up with some other peeps shes known through Flickr and IG
Dave and Phil  at the Gorges...and they were
went to Wakins Glen
at Watkins Glen, lots of caves and water, and gullys… and an occasional snake
Niagara Falls, Canada
lets pose for some pics, by the Falls
Fraggy,Phil and Dave
one more breakfast before the Brits take off for the south
lets sit in front of this old Cript, and Have the Boys take our picture @Mt.Hope cemetary
King Tut
fraggys Idle
Mt. Hope Cemetery has many historic crypts, unfortunately … our History is not the same as over the Ponds History:)>
cascading waterfalls at Watkins Glen
Me and Fraggy
it was so awesome to meet my good Flickr Budd. i hope we get to do it again sometime. thanks Fraggy and Phil for coming all this was to spend some time in our little corner of the world, i cant believe its been a whole year already.

where Are the Lilacs

Highland Park, Rochester, NY, is the setting for having the largest assortment of Lilacs any where in the world. of course the day i picked to go, none were opened yet, but the Magnolias were breathtaking

Featured imageFeatured imageFeatured imageFeatured imageFeatured image

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