Another cooking day

Well I am starting to come out of hibernation… sorta, so I made a special trip to the store to make a very special Ash Wednesday meal for us. We really don’t practice Catholicism, but some of it tends to just stick to ya, no matter what. so I made Jambalaya Stuffed Peppers

once I got all the ingredients together , it was a snap to prepare,

I used shrimp and andouille sausage, and threw in a few black beans and they were so good I almost forget to get a photo while they were plated 🙂

Autumn Splender

As far as weather goes, well im pretty lucky to be living in Western New York, at least this fall.The weather has been outstanding. Here it is the middle of October and the  temp is 77 degrees. and sunny. so ive been trying to take full advantage.  Not only is this  a colorful time of year, but if you love pig roasts and clam bakes..tis the season, and that why i say autumn splendor:)

because we all know whats to follow….. all that white stuff, which i am not a fan of. so  here we go. oh and PS if you thought you were going to see colorful leaves…. im sorry 🙂

one of the best things about this time of year……  people tend to do pig roasts and clam bakes..2 of my most favorite things……

people put hot sauce and butter on theirs.. not me just let me at ’em.
this is our friend who invited us.. hes friends with the people who put this event on every year, no charge!!!
there were people from all walks of life there, but they all had one thing in common….


this woman…  actually made all that sausage, and smoked them. and yes they were deeeelish.
this is the hubby of the woman above, its not their part either, but he was help with the clams. nothing like good friends.


there was even live entertainment. and they were awesome.


i made a friend. 6 week  rescue.
and of course there was plenty of cheer to go around



its almost time.
 these were all shot with my iPhone. .people tend to get a little crazy when they dont know you and your flashing a camera around 🙂
what we were all waiting for … omg… it was deelish !!!
i tried so hard to get a shot of the husband and wife that put this shindig was near impossible, this is the best i could do and they aren’t even standing together, hubby is was over with his hand to his face. almost like he knew i was aiming for him….
they had all kinds of activities for kids. they even had an art table.
and i got  Steves back too… Him and His Wife Amy. If there was ever a prize for being the most gracious Host and Hostess , they would certainly win!!!

if you stopped by, thank you.

a week end to myself

So the men went off camping in the 1000 islands. i had the week end to myself. i took myself to dinner and stayed out to catch a sunset right here in the village,on the Erie Canal. And then this morning i got up at 5am and went Downtown to the big farmers market, which we call the Public Market. Talked to a very interesting woman. Since we have been trying to eat according to the Paleo way of eating. I ‘v been making alot of our own food. I can ..I’m home. and i like to its a win win.

i always try to get to the market early… i don’t like crowds… and i guess a lot of others feel the same way
we are blessed with some of the best muck farming around.. in Western New York
so i finished my veggie buying spree and it was time for coffee
Billy and Bob were working mighty hard today.. the line was really long and i was in line at 7am
this is Philomina she prepares a healthier way to eat. and boy she gave me an excellent dish today
busy preparing another dish
yep thats her,
ohh wow, yep this is my breakfast, shes almost done
here we have roast sweet potatoes and plantains, with a a bit of red sauce on it, i have to tell you, I’m far from a fussy eater anyway.. and Dave and i will try anything at least once… but ill be back for more of this..till i buy the book and make my own:) this was what Phil called a small portion.. here it is a little after 11am, and I’m still very full. btw.. it as delicious , the flavors were something i cant describe
i don’t know what any of you do when your standing in line but i snap to my hearts content.. mostly because i don’t like to wait.. and this keeps me occupied
Phil also makes these bars and breads. i bought one for Dave.. with blueberries and other goodies in it. she uses honey for a sweetener.
right next to Phil is an olive oil company.. very good oils too!!
its still peach season here, with apples right behind them.. lets not forget my tomatoes..which i came to get:)
im so glad i go early, always can find a seat somewhere:)
and I’ll close with the sunset, which i got last night , in my village on the Erie Canal.

thanks for stopping by. have an awesome rest of the week end..or week:)!

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