a walk through our farmers market

well i had plans to meet up with a friend, unfortunately she became ill during the nite. so off i went on my Merry way…

the Rochester Public Market
the Rochester Public Market

although there aren’t many farmers here on Thursday mornings, its a fantastic atmosphere for us who don’t

like crowds


lots of elbow room:)

how bout some kale juice this morning
how bout some kale juice this morning

i had a grand time

got some fresh baby eggplant and garlic thingys
got some fresh baby eggplant and garlic thingys

then it was time to take a peak around

too early to taste any whiskey, thats what they make in that reddish building
dont know what my English friend would think of us making their Tellies into ATM machines

ordinarily ..on Saturdays you cant even move its so darn crowded, so i thought id show you what our city has, people rave about this market, im not sure why, when we go on vacation one of the things we like to do is visit other city public markets… and we always are in awe of what others have…i guess:)  any way, now that the veggies are here, this is how i spend my Thursdays …and some times Saturdays, depending on what i need. and thats the end of my little tour for today. thanks for stopping by,later gators

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