memorial week end ….part2…ohh Boy

Georges Place, usually cars lined up to get in… lucky me, a holiday ,every thing was closed

Well we messed up yet again, i dont know about the rest of the Americans .. but we were all messed up, seeing that Memorial week end is usually the last week end of the month.. , since there was no Monday , it was moved up a week earlier…
we were suppose to go to a family picnik a few hours south of here, on Sunday… but…we thought it was on Monday??? needless to say we never made it. so i made the best of.. i seem to be getting pretty good at making lemon aid….
so i went to the George Eastman House and Museum of Photography (OUR GOD) if you will …:) well being a holiday the building was not open.. that was fine, that meant no one was there, and i go to walk the grounds… George loved His gardens.. so ill show you around  the gardens… more to follow

one of the many garden walks. people rent this space for wedding pictures



i call this the woodlands





im not the best at taking macro shots ,but i was pleased with this



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