Hipsta over a cuppa

Well its been a crazy week, lots of rain, and still rather cold here. a perfect time for me to sort and edit photos, I feel as if ive been on along journey ๐Ÿ™‚ of sorts. memories with photos are the best!!!especially when the sun has gone, and the rain doesn’t go away.

So this past week our assignment for Hipsta365 was to use certain lenses..ones that don’t get used all that often… yes there are a handful I could certainly do with out..but here we go….hipstamaticphoto-578258445.036774-1

Time for a cuppa…. #Lenses~#Mabel and film~ Hackney


#lenses #Savannah #Film #Sequoia    a photo from last year…remastered:)


#Lenses #yuri61 and #film #US1776…  well the R is supposed to ber a russian R which is backwards..  just so you know ๐Ÿ™‚    this was for 365 and also #windowWednesday.


how could i resist tasking this shot.. this poor woman seemed to be hold these cones for such a long time, it was like she was trying to decide if she should lick them both or not:)  #Lenses  #Doris and #film #Blanko


there is NO SMOKING aloud at our Farmers market, it does’t matter if your outside or not. and this woman thought She’d sneak a fast smoke … little did she realize I saw her:)    #lenses #LeAllan and #film #Blackeyes44.hipstamaticphoto-578105881.203791

well Hubbys birthday was last week-end, so in Tradition we went out for a nice meal.. and i saw these antique banks sitting on the bar…. i don’t know how many people remember them, very heavy metal (maybe lead). anyway, quickly.. u would lay a coin in the hand and there was a gizmo in the back to pop it up the jesters mouth.and hed swallow it:) i remember cuz my gramma gave me one.. wish i still had it.anyway.. #lenses    #chucnky and #film  #DreamCanvas.  btw… dinner was deeelish “)


as i mentioned earlier… nothing but rain….. well this was a wet weekend, last. Lenses…#Andre’ #Film #Cheshire. and #Apollo.

there’s always time for a cuppa.

well that will do it  for now ๐Ÿ™‚ if you stopped by, thank you , and i hope you enjoyed looking at my shots for the week. i had fun.  have a great week end.

Week 5 hipsta 365

So most of us know that April is the month where our senses wake up… also our allergies๐Ÿฅด, but that also means the weather is getting nicer, and it’s staying light longer. So for last week we had to post things for spring….

Every year with out fail, just b4 the lilacs bloom, we get to see this lovely trail of Daffies. #LincolnLens and BlankoBl4Film is what I used.

And it wouldn’t be spring with out these guys:) I love nicnaks in my garden

#StavrosLens and #HackneyFilm

We were fortunate enough to climb into the mid70’s for a day, I live near3 colleges, and I believe I found one student playing hookie ๐Ÿ˜‚. By the canal.

#AntoniLens and #DreamyFilm

Can ya smell it… the lake that is…..๐Ÿ˜‚. All though it wasn’t in the 70’s any more it was still a very nice day along the lake. So still , caught a little fog, and some fishermen too.#wonderLens and #W40Film

This is probably my favorite shot. Of course it has a bench… I collect them you know๐Ÿ˜‰

#NevilleLens and #DaydreamFilm

Finished cleaning up the beds and came across this …. I loved the color

#Vicuล„aCL Lens and #BlankoFilm

And on another walk we found Mamma Swan waiting for her babies to come

#LowyLens and #OttoFilm

And now to share my the newest member of our family……..lol

This little guy has been camping under our deck for some time now. He dug a hole in the beginning of fall, we thought he left… but.. there he is, He heard a noise, and he’s moving as fast as those little legs can carry him, back into his hole..under our deck.

Lol, this was mostly for Fraggy , since she shared her mice.๐Ÿฅด, I thought I’d share our new homesteader ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜œ

If you stoped by thanks so much. And please have a great day.


hipsta week…1

I think im on a roll now.. everything is in order, and im all up to date, so my first full week of doing a 365 in hipsta, was great. each friday  it’s a new challenge. this week was shadows. and it worked out great, as we had sunshine almost everyday. the challenge starts every friday evening. 40491379313_811ff96347_o

so this was shot in my living room using #Hipsta . salvador 84|arjun BW|Juicy Orange Jel.



the next day was too cold for me to venture out, so .. looking in my backyard.. for shadows, was pretty easy.  I used Victoria|Blackkeys Supergrain


and on sunday , yep that’s right you see snow.  we went to the Big cemetary. I used Stavros+love 81+standard


well I thought id play a little…. i used Joey for the lens| and my Film was Whoa.


it was pretty kool playing around so.. i got this with using Lens Salvador 84| Arian BW| Juicy Orange Gel


went for a walk in the village the other day it was so nice, and b4 i knew it i had walked 5 mi. i got this with  Emma for the lens| and film was Big Easy


last but certainly not least…. Lowy for my lens| Blanko BL 4 for my film.

I had so much fun looking for shadows.


I cant wait to see what the challenge is tonight. i will b posting my Hipsta work on Fridays., for that whole week. if you stopped by, thanks in advance. Have a great week-end.

Hipsta …

So I’ve started my journey of 365, a bit late, but, better late than not at all…

I think what I’ll do is post once a week, everything I’ve done for 7 daysStill playing with settings nothing too fancy

About last nite……

We had a worm moon. I was lucky enough to get a glimpse

b4 the clouds moved in. This is off of my kitchen. , and yep, my 2 Nd day of hipsta.

Using salvador84 and shilshole+ pop rox.

B4 I dressed it up:) , I like both of them.

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