Fairies… in the Park , Part 1

What a week end you can tell summer is here,  i had a tough decision to make, Did I want to go see the mermaid festival or.. travel a bit further and see Fairies…  the Fairies won out,Its a little over 2 hours from where i live.  What a setting it was beautiful, the place is called Art Park, in Lewiston ,NY, right at the border of Ontario Canada, heres a little history of the place. One thing i liked most about this event. You could bring a cooler and stay all day, there were tons of grills , and loads of picnic tables. really a wide open space , lots of trees. and it sits on the gorge of the  beautiful Niagara River. just a beautiful spot

Artpark, Western New York’s premier music and theater destination, sits atop 150 acres of picturesque land overlooking the Niagara River Gorge. Located in Historic Lewiston, the State Park features a 2,400-seat Mainstage Theater and seating lawn, Outdoor Amphitheater, steel sculptures, picnic areas, hiking trails, historical markers, fishing docks and children’s activities!

so this is what i saw, and  with parking you paid $10.00 a piece, cheaper for kids, and kids under 4 were free. they had all kinds of activities, for fee, i was impressed!!!





people came dressed up, these little ones were making Fairy Dust . and they left with a small container of it as well.



the Tea Room



the story teller
 i think they were going to be unicorns for a later show…




 im as close as i want to be at the gorge of the Mighty Niagara River. the current is very very strong… after all it empties into Niagara Falls.
the nicest thing was, if they saw you trying to take a photo.. they’d ask, would you like us to pose?


so we stayed about 2 hours.  i never felt crowded, everyone working there was so pleasant. and because my Husband was so nice to take to take me to this, i bought him lunch , at a BBQ joint we’ve heard so much about.

so He was Fed, and Watered, and it was time to head home.. ugh.. that 2 hour drive home.. but the day was done, we had a great time, nothing better than being by water on a nice sunny ,90 degree day.

so if you stopped by , thank you, and i hope you enjoyed my little Fairy gathering 🙂

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