the longest…shortest weekend

well it was a busy one, trying to catch all the left over flavor Summer had to offer. but it all started in the beginning of the week when my Feline Bella, got attacked by the neighbors viscous cat ,who just roams the neighborhood looking for trouble. Poor Bella..wrong place wrong time, and shes an old lady, stays 2 houses either way from us. so to the vets we went.. ,2 big wounds on her belly.. drugs..antibiotics shots.. still got off rather cheap..175.00. for the stories ive heard, ok shes healing fine, and doesnt even ask to go out on our deck poor thing.I had to change our plans a bit, as I was nervous about leaving her all week end.

so we did day trips , yep back and forth , from here and there…of course i bought a new Iphone in between.  i got a 6 not to be confused with the 6s. but its a 64 GB. so im set for a while:) but its taking for ever to set up, and with the new case its heavy. i always get a mophie, but this one is also waterproof. and if something happens to my phone.. the mophie peeps will get me a replacement !! not a bad deal

the new iphone 6
my mophie..regularly priced at 130.00 but i had an old iphone stashed away.. and .. got 100.00 taken off when i turned in the old 4..i was using it as an alarm clock
with the mophie case on its pretty thick
somewhere in a small farming community in Western New York
its that time …
a friend of ours watches the farm while the owners were out of town
ive been using my Hipsta more and more, this was shot with my new iphone. sitting on the canal
caught a harvest festival in our travels…and i guess he caught me with my new monster phone
this awesome creatures name was Tank.. so very fitting, this was the best picture i could get…Hes 14 weeks old.. Hes gonna be a giant
this lady did not fit into this little farming community, and i was trying so hard to see what she was doing.. thought she was sketching peeeps, but No…she was with the band,
stopped to buys some local veggies, and honey and maple syrup, North of here,somewhere:)
and back home yesterday, had to take advantage of the beautiful weather, i could not help watching that little guy, with that hat on
sitting on the canal in my village, still working with the (new phone) camera
such an awesome day.. makes me sad to think what around the corner
we’ve been watching this boat all summer. this is the first tiem it was actually moving:))
welll i wanted a try to get a better pic. of this guy… but.. once again the new phone.. i got caught. He didnt say anything, but he got up and moved away
my baby.. the old girl is 17. she think shes part dog, follows me everywhere
still a ton of boats, taking advantage , of the fine sept. weather
trying to catch the early morning fog…. not to hard.. this is across the road from my house…lol

well thanks for stopping by,  we did make a few more stops..but ill save them for the next few days..

now i need to check and see id the cloud is done have a nice day. these were all shot with my new iphone 6

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