My Trip Out West…..Part 2

This was the first time i’d ever been to San Francisco , we left our home with beautiful hot July weather to cold damp low 60’s, even though we were told it would be cold , and i tried to pack appropriately  , I froze  , since our time was limited we spent the day at Fisherman’s wharf. lots to do, tons of restaurants to choose from, old buildings repurposed,and plenty of tours to pick from.and just a great walk,all around the Bay.

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even things for the little people  to do.

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the City By The Bay.

since we were short on time, and Uber’d around the 36 hours we were there.  we decided to spend it at the Wharf. this is a shot i was able to get on our way back to our B&B.

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looking forward to sharing  photos of this place next time.

if you stopped by thank you. have a wonderful day.

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