My Adventures in My Home Town.. continuing saga

as i continued my water journey  into History, looking at the old grain mills, , it made me remember when i was little  , and every man went to work, and every man …just about… stopped at the corner tavern on the way home..usually on Pay Day!!!   i swore when i grew up, i would leave that area, and never ever marry any one who worked at a grain mill, or a steel mill.

i did leave the area, first chance i got, and i did not marry anyone from the area.i still get home sick, and its been 38 years since leaving Buffalo,altogether.

Our Lady Of Victory Basilica
Our Lady Of Victory Basilica
the  ByeWay on the Sky way..
the ByeWay on the Sky way.. heading either to the west side of Buffalo, or .. back to south buffalo
as i peer out my Hotel window
as i peer out my Hotel window from my last stay, Buffalo’s’ downtown is located on the Lake (Erie)
on the Buffalo River, looking at the old silos, and office buildings. these will eventually all be turned into something of use, or torn down. as construction has already started on many of these .
high flyer
my brother in Law took me to a (new) beach, that was nothing but waste land when i lived there, it was something to see!! on this particular day, it was very windy, if you look closely you can see the man at the end of the kite:) and the wave he is attempting to surf
under the skyway
on my way back from the Historic tour, here we are underneath the SkyWay, to the right is downtown. and straight ahead is a war museum on the that ship and there’s another vessel there as well, but ill get into those at a later date.
time for lunch
time for lunch, this is Larkinville, it use to be all factory type . working class, and over the years as factories closed… most everything was boarded up. homes in this area couldn’t even get insurance on their homes. this area is called the Valley.. the lower part of Buffalo. through hard work and many grants, this is now an eating establishment, they have weekly concerts, and food truck rodeos. its one of my favorite places to go , when I’m down that way, it’s not far from the water. oh.. and that little building called the filling station… was once a gas station. well that does it for “My Nostalgia” today. have a great week-end and thanks for stopping by

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