Benches on Monday,

I’ve been collecting benches for about 10 years. And last week our temps were close to 70 degrees. A big difference from today’s weather (24 degrees)

Anyway, on my walks last week I found a few new benches on the. Erie Canal, in my Village . And yesterday I went back to the conservatory

I just got such an urge to smell a few flowers😊, every one here has the spring itch.

But it will b at least 2 more months b4 we see flowers outside.

Have a wonderful Monday

Hibernation and New Beginnings

While some of you know I despise winter, I always have! Even as a child. being cold and wet.. Not my cuppa!!!!  now I know and I have heard it most of my life..well if you don’t like it move.. if only life were that simple. one day I will move, and enjoy every day out side, but until then..  it is what it is 🙂   March has been especially bad at least for Western New York. in the middle of the month we had a wind storm.. upwards of 85 mi. an hour winds.. that knocked out power. some were without a power source for longer than a week. we were fortunate.. only 2 days. we spent our days in the local grocery store ,powering up, and we are lucky to have such a fine store,(WEGMANS) that accomodated everyone who came in to get warm or have a cuppa.,came home and slept with the 2 felines.  the temp in the house got down to 42. and then the following week we had a bad snow storm, again everything was shut work ,no school!!!!  so as you can glad to say good riddens’ to March!!! and i owe a big Thank you to my good friend Fraggy, for waking me:))  we do a diptych at the end of the month and this  time it was about spring and new beginnings.


. yester day the sun was out, and you could almost feel spring.. so I went to the local conservatory, to feel spring even more. and this is what I saw

can’t go wrong with those little chickadees








if you have taken time to look at these flowers I thank you in advance. for the peeps I try to follow, I am currently trying to catch up to you all. and I thank you kindly for stopping by.

HAPPY SPRING.. to new beginnings

where Are the Lilacs

Highland Park, Rochester, NY, is the setting for having the largest assortment of Lilacs any where in the world. of course the day i picked to go, none were opened yet, but the Magnolias were breathtaking

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