Went to visit the turtles

I’ve been laid up for just about a week now. Saw the acupuncturist today and she fixed me up pretty good, I’ll know better tomorrow. But.. anyway, before I landed myself in this predicament , I went to our little conservatory, Forgetting not only was it Sunday but also the beginning of feb. recess :(!!! It was very crowded but I managed to get a few shots off .

It was nice to see a mom taking Her son out shooting

And then there r the Quails under foot , nervous little things , they are. With signs every where to b careful where u step..

And a mascot to end all mascots:). Yeah she lives there too.

But u cant help but stop by and see these crazy turtles , I’m told they are always “doing it”

A different type of turtle. He’s generally on land .

Well I found one room with no one in it . But it was time for me to go.

As it was getting way to crowded for me.

So off I went following the brick road.:)

Have a wonderful week end everyone

walking the grounds of the Eastman Estate

its funny how when things are in your own backyard you kind of forget about them, and their importance,and that so many other  people would love to have a chance to visit this place,but live to far away. ive been in this mansion hundreds of times, with my different photog. groups. so i just couldnt bring myself to go in but ..walking the grounds, and an amazing experience all on its own..so lets get started….

Georges Estate
just a glimpse of the back
i thought my movie critic friends might like to see the  DRYDEN THEATER
another glimpse of the back
windows galore
doors galore
isn’t this amazing, i love to come here, with a cuppa, and just sit inside there, the grapes haven’t been picked yet




i couldnt get into this garden, there were paid photogs using the space
a pano of the back
i was finally able to enter this area. still in the back of the mansion





and all of a sudden i felt eyes on me, at first i thought i was going to be asked to leave…

i think he was waiting for a handout:)




early fall sprucing up
while i dont consider Rochester,NY a bike friendly city,many people ride their bikes to work
moving on
i couldnt get back in this garden, but i always take a shot of these 3 windows
not sure what happens here, other than the workers meeting up
im guessing a nice place for the workers to have their lunch
even if you miss the sign to enter the mansion…there’s no way you can miss this fence

So that about does it for this tour. i hope if you stopped by, you enjoyed  yourself. i know i always do. its a big holiday here..Labor Day week end. …  the amusement parks  change their hours,(and soon will close,till next summer) what ever schools haven’t opened will be opened by Wednesday. im going to miss Summer in Western New York, at least this summer ,we had 25 days in in the 90’s, and twice and many in the 80’s.  so what ever you do this week end, enjoy, and remember …SCHOOL BUSES  are out, dont forget to stop when the reds are on, and slow down when the yellows are lit.

George Eastman built his residence at 900 East Avenue between 1902 and 1905. He created a unique urban estate complete with 10.5 acres (42,000 m2) of working farm land, formal gardens, greenhouses, stables, barns, pastures, and a 35,000-square-foot (3,300 m2), 50-room Colonial Revival mansion with a fireproof structure made of reinforced concrete.

Eastman’s house presented a neoclassical Georgian Revival facade of decorative craftsmanship. Beneath this exterior were such modern conveniences as an electrical generator, an internal telephone system with 21 stations, a built-in vacuum cleaning system, a central clock network, an elevator, and a great Aeolian pipe organ. Eastman used the house as a center of the city’s rich musical life from 1905 until his death in 1932.

The estate was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1966.[2][13]

Savannah River… the vacation is over

well its been great going through my vacation to Savannah Georgia, i’d go back in a heartbeat.

so when ever we go on vacation we always try to take  trolley’s and boat rides, to learn about the history and other facts you just wont find in a book.and in the last part of our trip we took the boat ride at sunset. we normally dont see sunsets because of the hours my Husband works.. many sunrises though:)

while we waited for our boat, we got to see another freighter come through, this one was from China..going back to China.
im just in awe of these vessels
the size is enormous

ok, on with the show

now you can truly see the enormousness… our sightseeing paddle boat is just like the one u see next to the freighter.   and you know the size of those sightseeing boats.
and we r off to explore the river , and yes to get a few captures of the perfect sunset:)
to the left of river street ,where all the action is…


The Savannah River has the fourth-highest toxic discharge in the country, according to a 2009 report by Environment America



we were so lucky to catch a  school of Dolphins  you can only see the one, but there were at least 3 in this shot
if you look closely you can see some Dolphin fins

The river supports a large variety of native and introduced aquatic species:


a few deer eating dinner


cant forget about these little guys, these tug boats work hard:)
a Fort we never got to visit


the colors in the sky were simply amazing at every angle , you saw something different
my most prized possession from my trip ,and yes, i did get it made and framed
well we r on our way back to town. what an awesome nite it has been
next time i want to stay here,at the Weston Hotel and Spa
i forgot this little guy,  theres a whole fleet sitting over at the Weston (where i want to stay next time) and they just cart people back and forth all day long
i was in awe of that sky,remember im not out at nite usually 🙂


well that will do it for this cruise.

i had such an awesome time in Savannah, id go back again tomorrow if i could. i cant explain the feeling i get when im there.

if you stopped by thank you . this is the last segment of my vacation in Savannah Georgia  2016.

The Historic Homes of Savannah Georgia

The Charm of the South has always won me over. i think in another life i must have lived there.

i thought id share some historic houses today, i wont go into the history, as i did in my other Savannah blogs. mostly because im too lazy. and it is the charm of these places that really captivates me and without SCAD….Savannah College of Architecture and Design..this would certainly not be possible!

ya all know that old saying ..”keeping up with the Jones”  well this street is named Jones. and supposedly that’s where the saying came from. i could never find a day where there wasn’t a lot of cars or people . but this is a residential neighborhood, and its still amazing . the street is all brick.
does any one know the meaning behind the “red door”.. well back in the day.. if your door was painted red, it meant you owned your house,no more mortgage..
this duplex once had a sister living on each side.
i just love this building.
of course i dont remember all the history that goes with this building… and as u might have noticed.. its under construction.Any way… its suppose to be haunted. it looks haunted doesnt it?



we never did get in here. but as you can read ..it was on HGTV.

and if you look carefully at the brick (same in the other photos)  see the smudge marks? well these bricks  were hand made by slaves, and those are finger prints.


SCAD saves what ever they can, in this case outside seating was made at a local restaurant, the pillars may be new, but notice how they saved the other building,
i went to a garden party….. i know you all know the words:)

No i didnt go to a GP. but isnt it pretty?!

there are many Historic churches ,in Historic Savannah..yes this is one.
and this is another 🙂
and then it was time for some libation

not really too keen on English food.. but the liqueur is the same 🙂   and yes it was time for refreshments.. after all my poor hubby was kind enough not to complain all day .

if you stopped by, i hope you enjoyed the tour. i love Savannah. that was my 4th visit, and even though i know i saw the same things, it never bores me.  and theres always good fresh seafood:)

so.. have an awesome rest of the week, and thanks again for stopping by.

Tybee Island

Well let me start by saying  it took us 2 tries to figure out what exactly was on this island.. we aren’t quitters  🙂

if you love spending your Holiday in a cottage..  (im sure i could get away with saying million dollar mansions…. if ya get my drift)… and laying on a beach well this is the place for you!!!   Myself (and Hubby too) are not that  kind of people. neither of us can stay still that long.. or want to spend all of our money on one of those fancy rentals. so we came here for the day, because ive always heard so much about this place. Can anyone tell i wasn’t  impressed?:) . Im afraid Florida beaches have me spoiled.. where the sand is beautiful and you can walk for miles. im not sure if it was low tide or not..but  the beach was all stone and shell, and you know how they can hurt. the temp  this particular day was  90 something, felt like 110.

so after paying for (automated) parking.
I’m claustrophobic and cant handle heights at all.. so i begged my Husband to go up there.

He obliged..hes the one leaning again the wall with the green shirt on. He got so dizzy he couldn’t even enjoy the scenery .

so we left the lighthouse area and went further down the road.

Hubby found His balance again and we were off.  yep lots of bike riders on the island.
lots of little shops to spend your money in:) not me though:)…

these were found on the main  highway.







buy my junk……. yep this is a store.


when we were leaving the island.. i had to pull over and get this.. this is someones yard.
ive heard of Italian Patios before..but this was one for the books.. same yard area,

i could have stayed there all day taking photos, but there were signs everywhere..KEEP OUT. i was very happy with these 2 shots, and if figured why press my luck:)

well thats a shot of the original light house, Dave just wasn’t having any more of Tybee.

ive been told to try a number of restaurants in Tybee.  but they were all so hard to find.. we just went  back to Savanna and enjoyed a nice lunch and a few cocktails there. this place is only 20 min. from the “mainland” so  it wasnt an all day drive… which was good because id still be hearing about it:).

here’s a little history about the lighthouse.

And if you stopped by, thank you, i hope you enjoyed my visit..at least as much as i did:)


The current lighthouse is the fourth tower at this station, though neither of its first two predecessors were lit.[2] The first tower was built at the direction of James Oglethorpe and was constructed of wood; erected in 1736, it was felled by a storm in 1741.[3] The following year a replacement was erected, this time of stone and wood, but still with no illumination; instead, it was topped with a flag pole.[4] This tower succumbed to shoreline erosion.[2]

The third tower was constructed in 1773 by John Mullryne,[5] a brick tower originally 100 ft (30 m) in height.[2][3] It was first fitted with a system of reflectors and candles, but this was upgraded to oil lamps after it was ceded to the federal government in 1790. A second tower was added to the site in 1822 to form a range.[3] Both towers received Fresnel lenses in 1857, with the lower front tower being equipped with a 4th order lens, while the main tower received a larger 2nd order lens.[2]

Confederate forces burned the light in 1862 during the Civil War and removed the lens as they retreated to Fort Pulaski. Reconstruction of the light was begun in 1866 but was delayed by a cholera outbreak.[2] A new tower was constructed atop the first 60 ft (18 m) of the old tower, raising the height of the whole to 154 ft (47 m). This tower was equipped with a 1st order lens. The front beacon was now a 50 ft (15 m) wooden skeleton tower equipped with a new 4th order lens.[2]

The main tower was severely damaged in a hurricane in 1871, and developed such serious cracking that a $50,000 appropriation was requested for its replacement.[2] Instead a new front tower (which had already been moved twice) was constructed of iron. New keepers dwellings were constructed in 1881 and 1885. The following year the tower was shaken by the 1886 Charleston earthquake, which damaged the lens and caused further cracking of the brickwork; these were both however immediately repaired. In 1933 the tower was electrified and the station reduced to a single keeper.[2] The beacon was automated in 1972.[3]

Throughout its life the daymark of the tower was modified on numerous occasions. Originally all-white, the base and lantern were painted black in 1887; this was altered in 1914 and again in 1916, each time bringing the black at the top further down the tower until the illustrated configuration was reached. In 1967 the entire tower was repainted with a white base and a gray top. The gray faded severely and was painted black in 1970.[6]

In 1999 a major restoration project was begun under the auspices of the Tybee Island Historical Society, who took possession of the light station in 2002 under the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act.[2][3] As part of this project the tower was repainted in the 1916-1966 black-white-black daymark.[2][6] The beacon is still a functioning navigational aid, still using its original lens. The site is open to the public and retains its keepers houses and auxiliary buildings as well as the lighthouse tower.[3]

must be…. Vacation Time

Savannah is the oldest city in the U.S. state of Georgia and is the county seat of Chatham County. Established in 1733 on the Savannah River, the city of Savannah became the British colonial capital of the Province of Georgia and later the first state capital of Georgia.[3] A strategic port city in the American Revolution and during the American Civil War,[4] Savannah is today an industrial center and an important Atlantic seaport. It is Georgia’s fifth-largest city and third-largest metropolitan area.

Each year Savannah attracts millions of visitors to its cobblestone streets, parks, and notable historic buildings: the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low (founder of the Girl Scouts of the USA), the Georgia Historical Society (the oldest continually operating historical society in the South), the Telfair Academy of Arts and Sciences (one of the South’s first public museums), the First African Baptist Church (one of the oldest African-American Baptist congregations in the United States), Temple Mickve Israel (the third oldest synagogue in America), and the Central of Georgia Railway roundhouse complex (the oldest standing antebellum rail facility in America).[3][5]

Savannah’s downtown area, which includes the Savannah Historic District, the Savannah Victorian Historic District, and 22 parklike squares, is one of the largest National Historic Landmark Districts in the United States (designated by the U.S. government in 1966).[3][a] Downtown Savannah largely retains the original town plan prescribed by founder James Oglethorpe (a design now known as the Oglethorpe Plan). Savannah was the host city for the sailing competitions during the 1996 Summer Olympics held in Atlanta.

ok so thats wicki for ya :0 now here’s my  take… in photos:)

Vinnie van go go.. the best pizza ive ever tasted!!  each time we went by the line was longer and longer. we did end up getting 2 slices to go, sorry to say i was so hungry.. there is no pic.
City Market this area is made up of a few blocks. closed to traffic,you can almost  always hear live music. awesome restaurants , and store…  there is a  presence  of police always . this will make my 3rd visit to this area over  5 years, and ive never seen any trouble.at any hour.
these girls were fabulous.
dancing the night away
and so was this little one:)
and this one too 🙂
and she had to have a few puffs of his cigar…. to each his /her own i guess   lol
watching and waiting
the golden hour has started, everyone is grabbing a seat, for the fireworks.
well they should be starting any min….

these were all taken at the CITY MARKET in Savannah Ga. i have so many photos i just didnt know where to begin… so i decided to work backwards…

you wont see any fireworks… im not a fan.. and.. this city does not have the best display. my husband was a bit disappointed, but im fine:)!

if you stopped by ,i thank you. Savannah is such an awesome place i cant wait to show you the rest of her.

Fairies… in the Park , Part 1

What a week end you can tell summer is here,  i had a tough decision to make, Did I want to go see the mermaid festival or.. travel a bit further and see Fairies…  the Fairies won out,Its a little over 2 hours from where i live.  What a setting it was beautiful, the place is called Art Park, in Lewiston ,NY, right at the border of Ontario Canada, heres a little history of the place. One thing i liked most about this event. You could bring a cooler and stay all day, there were tons of grills , and loads of picnic tables. really a wide open space , lots of trees. and it sits on the gorge of the  beautiful Niagara River. just a beautiful spot

Artpark, Western New York’s premier music and theater destination, sits atop 150 acres of picturesque land overlooking the Niagara River Gorge. Located in Historic Lewiston, the State Park features a 2,400-seat Mainstage Theater and seating lawn, Outdoor Amphitheater, steel sculptures, picnic areas, hiking trails, historical markers, fishing docks and children’s activities!

so this is what i saw, and  with parking you paid $10.00 a piece, cheaper for kids, and kids under 4 were free. they had all kinds of activities, for fee, i was impressed!!!





people came dressed up, these little ones were making Fairy Dust . and they left with a small container of it as well.



the Tea Room



the story teller
 i think they were going to be unicorns for a later show…




 im as close as i want to be at the gorge of the Mighty Niagara River. the current is very very strong… after all it empties into Niagara Falls.
the nicest thing was, if they saw you trying to take a photo.. they’d ask, would you like us to pose?


so we stayed about 2 hours.  i never felt crowded, everyone working there was so pleasant. and because my Husband was so nice to take to take me to this, i bought him lunch , at a BBQ joint we’ve heard so much about.

so He was Fed, and Watered, and it was time to head home.. ugh.. that 2 hour drive home.. but the day was done, we had a great time, nothing better than being by water on a nice sunny ,90 degree day.

so if you stopped by , thank you, and i hope you enjoyed my little Fairy gathering 🙂

a trip back to my Hometown

As a good lot of you know im from Buffalo ,New York.  any chance i get, i love going home to visit the water front and the down town area. but this particular visit, i brought my neighbor,she lived in the south towns for a few years but never really went down town. it was a great adventure..for me, and i do believe she loved it as well. She like most people (who arent from Bflo.)  have no clue how much it has changed ,and now recognized as a tourist destination. and it also has one of the longest bike runs and lake view parks, at least in North America.

i only wish i had original pics of what buffalo’s’ water front  looked like when i was growing up. unless you worked on the docks, in one of the gain mills, or at the steel mill..or a vagrant..you really didnt go by the water..  contamination at its highest level.

the water is clean, and used widely for recreation of all kinds. they still get some big grain ships coming through from time to time, but not like the old days,even in the ’70s you could still see ocean vessels coming in to load and unload.

the boat in this pic. is a history tour. ive taken b4, and would have taken today,but we didnt have much time.

this is where i grew up. just steps away from  the Buffalo River. see those train tracks.. you just never heard of any one getting run over by a train back then. and there is a neighborhood behind this building.
so on with the tour.

We started at the very beginning, and we r working our way downtown, to the “New Buffalo” water front.

On July 3, 2003, at the climax of a fiscal crisis, the Buffalo Fiscal Stability Authority was established[11] to oversee the finances of the city. As a “hard control board,” they have frozen the wages of city employees and must approve or reject all major expenditures. After a period of severe financial stress, Erie County, where Buffalo resides, was assigned a Fiscal Stability Authority on July 12, 2005. As a “soft control board,” however, they act only in an advisory capacity.[12] Both Authorities were established by New York State. In November 2005, Byron Brown was elected Mayor of Buffalo. He is the first African-American to hold this office.

Economic development in the city was marked at $3.5 billion in 2006 compared to the ten year previous average of $50 million[citation needed]. New proposals and renovations were numerous, especially in the downtown area. Buffalo ranked 83rd on the Forbes best cities for jobs list, an increase from the previous year, beating out cities like New York City, Cleveland, and Detroit.

that water ? the buffalo river. those buildings? now clean up and renovated  , all lit up at night. next to the Labatts Blue (which were silos) is a huge restaurant . the lake is just on the other side .
still working on things…theres some recreational  boaters   .. usually its packed.. but we were very early  and it was only in the low 70’s.
a view from above


 beautiful city hall
one of those freighters i was talking a bout..maybe on its way to Cleveland?? or Canada… way over to the right of this photo.that land is Canada
another tour boat,heading back .
there is actually a bike ferry, a 5 min. ride, that will take you across the river For $1.00 and a buck to come back over. to pedal all along the  Buffalo shore line(of Lake Erie). its pretty flat, and a very long stretch, most of it is built for bikes and pedestrians.

there  are lots of places to stop along the bike route for  bathroom breaks and  food or drink.

the naval museum. growing bigger every time i come here.



well thats it for this trip, i sure hope you liked it as much as my neighbor did :)and if you took the time to stay a while, thank you in advance. i love my home town. i take every opportunity to go and visit. and always find something new and wonderful. if you ever have the chance.. get off the the thru way and visit, you’ll be glad you did.

have a wonderful  rest of the week.

let the festivals begin

Well its that time of year again, festivals every week end, sometimes over lapping, so one needs to pay attention, as to which one to go to… im not a fan of crowds at all, so where ever i go..i go early and leave in the middle.this last weekend,the fest.was in my little town,on the Erie Canal.

i had to park a good mile or more away, because im to cheap to pay ..upwards of 10 dollars. if i had a car full of people that would have been a different story, but i was alone…so here we go

no bikes or pets allowed.
you never know what you’ll see walking the banks of the canal:)
ive been on this boat so many times, lots of history. i waved and got a few waves back
we have a few row clubs
i have never seen a boat like this, and it looked like the dog was going after a fish ?:)

and if you notice that snowy stuff..its dogwood..it makes a mess, its everywhere, for a few weeks.

how cute..picking flowers for…. i dont know who, but my kids would not be standing past that fence!!!!!
whew.. i made it, good thing the weather was tolerable  in the 70’s nice shade, perfect for my walk into town…. now where the ladies room!!!!
 i thought of Fragglerocks ‘ hubby when i saw this guy… because of His shirt. Phil love going to this record place when they visited us
 also thought about fraggy here too..im not a wine drinker at all, but i loved that guys shirt. and if you look closer you can see my reflection on some of the bottles.

well for what ever reason im having a terrible time on wordpress today…  so..im going to leave now, and return in a few days with more?:)  anyone else out there having problems?    anyway, if you stopped by, thank you!! and have an awesome day… and a better week end:)!!

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