Adventures in Italy

A day spent here
Our ship
Let the wandering begin
I dislike crowds very much, but felt very comfortable here
We wandered , we had pizza and Italian beer , got a very good feel for this are, and loved it so much we’d go back to Santa Margherita ,Italy again. The people were so friendly and of course the weather was marvelous, my kind of weather…90ish:)

Part 5…out west

I’m not sure if i ever said the real reason we went out WEST…. well it was to visit with our Grand Daughter. Colorado is  great distance form New York air travel is about 1,670 miles. a pretty good distance, so we tried to make the best of our time.43443555642_7eb934caff_c

she’ll be three next month. so while she was in day care. we did some traveling around .

43443558442_7b64ae35cc_ogetmade (1)_pe

this is Breckenridge,Colorado. which sits at 9600 ft. and the summit of the ski resort is upwards of 13,ooo which is upwards of 2 miles above sea level., and yes i did feel like i was sea sick. it didnt matter how much water i drank. i felt so bad i didnt ever have a cocktail.

29800128688_dbfb949533_o (1)_pe

41862228220_3ce7d03a5b_o (1)_pe

it was so pretty and so many things to do there.


its only been a ski resort since 1961. they have kept a lot of the charm,by keeping alot of the historic buildings. before all of the skiers took hold, of course it was a place for prospectors

28604602547_a21e2cdb8f_o (1)_pe

43491378311_e21706e967_o (1)

many trails off the main roads, and places to just unwind.

42953995134_15b1db5299_o (1)_pe


and then when you think your feeling better .because of the altitude , you try a Little shopping  but soon realize you ned to find some shade and rest again 🙂 remember this was after all in July and the temps reached over 100 degrees:)

well, that about does it for me.  if you came along for my little journey, thank you:)

Out West….Part 4

Well our time in San Francisco was short-lived, as we intended , it was time to get to the train station.42777000314_a05d182bf7_o

We arrived a few hours early and were lucky enough to get on an earlier train.

We were surprised, we didn’t have to show our passports, or even our tickets, b4 we boarded. No proof of who we were at all.

So… 28589753937_d54984c1a2_o we all got comfy and then some one came to look at tickets, but never Asked for any other proof. Anyway…..

There were times the trains were so close I had to get away from the window, just one of my phobias :).

So the trip was really on.

some very interesting turns


a small town we went through.

yep… this close

it was a while b4 we actually got out of California.

One of our very first stops was a town my husbands’ cousin lives in

waving to carol
Davis California.

We were only there about 5 min. .41668410410_057eafbccb_o-1.jpg. And off we went. Going at a pretty decent speed.

coal.coal and more coal

. And it was some time before the train stopped again.

41744584240_136ca0a31c_o (1)_pe
a view from the viewing car.

a view from our seats.

28599354077_a590768689_o (1)_pe
this is the sight-seeing car, we did meet many nice people.

well that will do it for today.   up next is all the mnts. and a River. and a few more towns,

Out West …Part 3

43658171901_afb4167dcf_o (1)_pe

in Part 2, i explained how we stayed at this Bed and Breakfast all i can say is, next time ill do al of my own planning.  we used our auto club for all of this, ony because i was nervous about screwing something up.ive never been out west, and we were taking more modes of transportation than i was accustomed to taking care of.. planes, trains, auto:) and that was just to get to our final destination…. to see our beautiful Grand Daughter…cross country 🙂

42942011064_2ef07c923a_o (1)_pe

so anyway, this was on the 3rd floor. and it was an extra room off of our bedroom, I was thankful for it, because i don’t sleep well, so it was my little hide away in the middle of the nite, and id play words with friends:)


a very elegant building , everything you would expect in Francisco. and of course it was on a hill. the history is deep. with this building, and it was one of the original  Historic painted Ladies..   42684399104_13fe254ac2_o (1)_pe

the best part of this was meeting some of the people we ate breakfast with this is an Author, of self-help books,from Texas . she came to help get her Grand Daughter situated in the big City . and then there was wine and cheese offered every evening.42755386025_aa7e243ab1_o (1)_pe

43611760542_4da798bdd4_o (1)_pe

the kitchen. and as you can clearly see, theres a micro wave and a te kettle.but no where coud i find tea bags. oh well 😦        I fell in love with al of the stained glass.


as grand as it looks , I could not even get a cuppa when i wanted, there was only some one there in the morning to serve the breakfast (which was a cold breakfast) and then again at 6 pm to put our the wine and cheese. and… that was it!!!  and, this place was not centrally located, i could not just run out the door, and get a coffee or tea. but it was for 2 nites, and i survived 🙂 if anyone looks this place up, a lot of the reviews are fantastic.. I’m not exactly sure why. im not a snob, when it comes to staying at places. but i can tell you if i ever make it back to San Francisco again, ill do all of my own booking.

if you stopped by thanks in advance.



My Trip Out West…..Part 2

This was the first time i’d ever been to San Francisco , we left our home with beautiful hot July weather to cold damp low 60’s, even though we were told it would be cold , and i tried to pack appropriately  , I froze  , since our time was limited we spent the day at Fisherman’s wharf. lots to do, tons of restaurants to choose from, old buildings repurposed,and plenty of tours to pick from.and just a great walk,all around the Bay.

42776971674_2dbe610f27_o (1)_pe

29031616647_24d4c53218_o (1)_pe

43400671071_6c0ec2abbe_o (1)_pe

42496894355_2299626445_o (1)_pe42636672584_fcfddd6c61_o (1)_pe

even things for the little people  to do.

42684442454_a23b42858f_o (1)_pe

the City By The Bay.

since we were short on time, and Uber’d around the 36 hours we were there.  we decided to spend it at the Wharf. this is a shot i was able to get on our way back to our B&B.

42942011754_1a5db71c6c_o (1)_pe

looking forward to sharing  photos of this place next time.

if you stopped by thank you. have a wonderful day.

home again home again..jiggity jig

well it was a fast 2 weeks,but im glad to be home, tons of memories good eats probably too much to drink:0 but hey i was on vacation.

Anyway.. im starting my trip in a unuasul manner…somewhere in the middle

went on a speed boat to see dolphins.. ill share that another day

this is more my speed:) maybe next time…


no explaination needed:)


and after that hairraising expierence  i needed a cocktail and some food… at a place called Frenchys… this was my view.. could have sat there all day.

another view:)


sometimes i think i only come to Florida to see the pelicans:)

they just amaze me

then the heron flew in, like he knew it was a photo opp:)


well time to move onto another Bar 🙂 in another section of the gulf of Florida…

this is Tarpon Turtle, the only bad day we had, still made the best of it, and .. they had the best Gator tail I ever had.

If you stopped by, thank you in advance, and have an awesome week end.



A holiday with little Oh 

Some of you know my good friend Fraggy over at fragglerocking  well she has always called me Mrs. o , because I was a school bus driver, and there’s a a character over on the cartoon the simpsons… with a similar name,  well anyway she has a little friend named Frego , so I decided while I was on my holiday I’d get a little buddy too.. so we named her Little Oh.

So now you know where that comes from..on with my holiday 

2 glorious weeks in Florida

 poor Little Oh I explained to her that the gators just swim in the man made lake, but she was worried it would climb the fence and get us. So she kept watch while I swam in the pool. And one time she thought a gecko was after her.. it turns out to be leaves. She’s such a worry wart;).  Since   These are the winter months in the states,I took full advantage of the fantastic wether this Jan. We had temps of 80 just about every day, and sunny  of course. I’m actually going home with a tan. Today will be the first bad day of weather so we’ll go to the show .   And my holiday is almost over… perfect planning, because I’m getting really home sick for my own home, and my Husband who I’ve never been away from this long..and of course my 2 felines:)  
If you stopped by Little Oh and I thank you

i need another vacation

well ive been home for a little over a week now, still going through my photos. and still wishing i was back in Florida.  mind you i have nothing to really complain about, i just dont care to be in Western  New York  any longer. here it is 7am and its still pitch black. and WNY has been lucky so far this winter, we have not gotten hit with a bad winter…but its still colder than my body likes, so .. ive pretty much been back in hibernation.

so going through some of my photos, i thought id share my Pelicans ..yes thats right i said My 🙂 and a few other snaps.

as i stumble to learn my new Gear..FujiFilm X-T10 , I’m learning i cant go anywhere with out it.

Mr.P is trying hard to get this fisherman’s attention. im not sure what He he was trying to catch.. im sure some one out there knows?…  he had a huge net with some knind of big hook inside the bag.

one way or another MR.P is gonna try to get what ever that fisherman is getting:)

 lol, , my friend thought i was mad taking all kinds of photos of these birds.

no no, not a Pelican… but i liked that he flew right in my way ….

lol,  heres the other end:)

can you hear Him calling out…look at me look at me

well it was time for lunch so we hit the pavement, in search of some good grub and a cocktail

and after some well needed nourishment we took another walk  .


ill close with these little peeps collecting shells. and if you took time to stop by, thanks very much. and have a great rest of the week.



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