looking for the Great pumpkin

i thought I’d better take advantage of the day,  sun shinning and being in the 50’s. so i did what my good friend Mary Smyth does, i took a walk in the near by village, (My Village in My town).  with camera in one hand and iPhone neatly stashed away on my shoulder, and started to walk , the weirdest things were happening. people would ask me crazy questions.. they thought i was a Realtor.. and then…. the cops came..

yep, nice and slow.. around and around the blocks they went ..just watching. i was prepared if i was questioned:) i personally know the Chief..and His Wife:) , its true i rub elbows with  the elite … lol. anyway, after i got what i needed i decided.. why take chances? and i also felt good, knowing some one must have called them as said, there’s a stranger walking  all around..taking pictures. makes me feel just a little safer.

anyway these are a few of the shots i got, i might have to go back over there this week end (if its not raining..or snowing) just to see the kids.

these people go all out… i wonder what size candy bar they give out..i just might be back here:)




getting ready to pack it all up, i made a friend.. this is Harley. Shes only 6 mos. old. i would have loved to of gotten a closer shot,to show off her coat. but shes a jumper, this Dog is gonna be a Marmaduke. if you could have seen the paws. anyway thanks for stopping by, I had a great day, especially meeting Harley. hope you had a good day as well.

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