kids skimming underneath a bridge , there were signs of riptides..oh to be young and foolish
I tried to get a shot of the woman who puts food out for these birds, but she saw me , and hid inside…. but look at the sight of all these birds… just waiting for her..
a view from our hotel room
sitting on our balcony just b4 sunset, see that bump in the middle of the canal.. that IS an Alligator , we named him Chuck, He’d wander in a few times a day, look around, and wander back out. . where those blue chairs are.. that’s the location of the pool. we never did see Him come out of the water. whew!!!!
this is part of the sponge docks.
another section of the sponge dock area
an olde world feel all around the sponge dock area. it was very nice, not overly commercial

Happy Friday every one. So Ive been home now for a few days, i thought id share some of my waterlogged photos  here. I’m going to start from the last part of our trip, which was so awesome.  we stayed in  a Greek town. called Palm Harbor. and spent a great deal of time on the sponge docks, supposedly the sponge capital of the world.  everything was run by the Greeks the food was deeelish, and we had seafood just a bout every chance we had. 19736300040_21879fe0d9_o_pe DSC_7174_pe_pe DSC_7245_pe

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